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Thu 30.06.2005 Today I finally got my master's thesis "Disabled persons as lead users in mobile user interface design" wrapped up! It is available here.
Fri 24.06.2005 We spent Midsummer at Helminen's in Pirkkala. A lot of food, drinks, and good friends! :)
Thu 23.06.2005 I got a ride from my colleague Juhana who has this old Volvo 240 DL. My father used to have the same car 15 years ago. Seeing the buttons on the car made me think of my childhood, the endless summer holidays, and the good times, when we used to spend the summer travelling on the Volvo and living in a caravan.
Sun 19.06.2005 A perfect way to spend a nice summer Sunday in Tampere is to take the ferry to Viikinsaari.
Sat 18.06.2005 We spent the beautiful day at Riksu's parents in Pirkkala. It made me once again wish I had a garden...
Sat 18.06.2005 On Hanna's blog I noticed this cool map thing and wanted to try it out right away. Another geography related site that I just learned about this week is Google maps. It only covers the United States at the moment, but I hope it will expand in the future. Try out the cool SATELLITE link in the upper right corner of the Google maps page!
Wed 15.06.2005 Every morning on my way to Kamppi Center to catch a bus to TKK I pass by this strange piece of out-doors art provided by Taidehalli.
Sun 12.06.2005 We took Linda Line Express back to Helsinki in the evening (dep. 22.30, arr. 24.00).
Sun 12.06.2005 We spent the Sunday afternoon walking around The Old Town.
Sat 11.06.2005 Riksu and I spent the weekend in Estonia visiting my godfather Veijo's family. It was the birthday of their middle child Juuso and the christening of their youngest child Katariina. The christening took place in St. John's Church in the centre of Tallinn after which we all transferred to their summer cottage to celebrate the birthday. All together there were around 50 people in the party.
Thu 09.06.2005 Esperanza from the Greenpeace fleet stayed a few days in the Port of Helsinki.
Thu 02.06.2005 You should be able to find your way up from the lobby since Alvar Aalto put 3 staircases side by side in the main building of TKK.
Mon 30.05.2005 I thought that the purple lilac behind our bedroom window would have started to blossom before I leave for Helsinki for the summer, but it didn't. There are only buds. And I earlier thought I would be spending my first whole summer here in Tampere, but I'm not. Well at least I will stay put in one place during the summer and not live out of a backpack. I just thought I would stay put in Tampere where my home is nowadays... blaah.
Wed 25.05.2005 There is something about harbours, cranes, and containers that I like a lot...
Wed 25.05.2005 I had some spare time before my appointment at the hairdresser's so I took a walk around Ruoholahti.
Wed 25.05.2005 One of the ugliest buildings I have ever seen anywhere is the piece of horror in Ruoholahti.
PS. As you can see, I have my own domain name piahannukainen.com starting from today!
Tue 24.05.2005 And suddenly it was summer! It was the warmest day so far this year in Finland. It got to +23 Celsius in Helsinki but over 25 in Tampere.
Sun 22.05.2005 There was a sale at Intersport, so I ended up buying a very economically sized sleeping bag and a sleeping bag sheet.
Fri 20.05.2005 I had a lunch date with my brother Juho. On my way from the Department of Mechanical Engineering to the canteen, I saw a brown hare! Besides brown hares you can easily run into pheasants here in Otaniemi.
Thu 19.05.2005 I delivered my master's thesis to the professor today. Now I keep my fingers crossed and hope that neither the prof nor my supervisor at Nokia Research Center proposes too laborious corrections...
Fri 13.05.2005 Finally back in Tampere. And it seems that the birds are back in Sorsapuisto park! :)
Fri 13.05.2005 When I wake up on the living room floor at my grand-aunt's, I always amuse myself by looking at the view through a green glass vase that is placed on the window sill.
Thu 12.05.2005 The trees are getting greener every day. The summer is coming!!!
Wed 11.05.2005 Chatting with JP and some other friends was so much fun that we stayed at Erottaja bar for almost 5 hours! The sun was already setting when we left.
Wed 11.05.2005 I took bus 102 from TKK to Kamppi. I then continued by foot to meet my friend Janne-Pekka in Erottaja bar, and on my way I passed by some strange open air art.
Sat 07.05.2005 I am having my breakfast & reading my newspaper... and a cat appears!! But who can blame this furry creature, he is way too cute.
Thu 05.05.2005 Our favourite furry guest arrived on Wednesday evening and will stay with us for 4 nights. Today he's been mostly chillin' under the armchair.
Sun 01.05.2005 I spent the May Day with my brother Juho in traditional manner like thousands of others in Helsinki. The weather was super-freezing in Kaivopuisto park, but the good thing was of course that it was rainless and snowless. And sparkling wine stays better cold, when the air is +5 Celsius instead of +20...
Thu 28.04.2005 The best trains in VR's fleet are the classic Express trains! It takes a little longer to get to Tampere, but it's pure comfort every minute. (Pendolino 1 h 27 min, InterCity 1 h 48 min, and Express train 2 h 4 min) I never feel train sick on these classic blue ones, since they do not sway in a weird way from side to side like the later types do. The ultimate nauseator, that horrible Pendolino must come straight from Satan's train factory...
Wed 27.04.2005 It was the Veterans' Day (and a pretty nice spring day, too!) in Helsinki.
Tue 26.04.2005 Vappuviikko (= week-long pre- May Day festivity) kicked off with Äpy-gaala which is the publishing gala of Äpy (= May Day Magazine of engineering students at TKK). Starting from this gala until the evening of the 1st of May you can expect to meet engineering students trying to sell you one for 8 euros.
Today was by the way also the day of my very last exam! I hope I passed it...
Sat 23.04.2005 In the evening we headed to the wedding party of our friends Miki and Henna. It was a very relaxed and nice party, and it lasted until small hours.
Sat 23.04.2005 Somebody had decided to entertain himself by adding a hat on the statue of Kyösti Kallio...
Sat 23.04.2005 Riksu and I stayed in Scandic Continental in Helsinki from Friday to Sunday. The view from the 9th floor over Töölönlahti park was gorgeous. (Unfortunately our room was in the opposite side of the building.)
(Note: No more snow!!!)
Fri 22.04.2005 ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!
Thu 21.04.2005 We are heading towards the summer, but what happens? Welcome to Finland to enjoy our lovely spring!
Wed 20.04.2005 Whenever I arrive in Helsinki, one of the first to greet me is always the statue of C. G. Mannerheim.
Sat 16.04.2005 I've never had good pedals on my mountain bike. I would like to be able to ride it my feet attached and also with regular shoes. That's why I rode around Tampere today trying to find the best deal. I was hoping to be able to find a multi-purpose pedal that would accept my road racer bike shoes. It seems that they don't make that kind of pedals, so I had to go for both new pedals and new shoes. I ended up paying more or less the regular price for the pedals (55 €) but I got a real bargain on the shoes: 30 €!
Fri 15.04.2005 I could easily live the rest of my life on different kind of salads only!
Thu 14.04.2005 In the evening I returned to Tampere. On my way home I crossed Sorsapuisto park and realised that there was not much ice left on the pond.
Wed 13.04.2005 In my opinion the current photo on TKK's homepage is not good at all. I have been taking photos every day this week and decided to present you alternatives: fake 1, fake 2, fake 3, fake 4. Aren't these better?! ;)
Fri 08.04.2005 The kick-off meeting of the TEKES project that I will participating in during the summer took place at University of Art and Design Helsinki. The project involves four Finnish firms (Suunto, Stala, Satama Interactive, Finlayson), TKK and UIAH.
Tue 05.04.2005 I once again took the morning train from Tampere to Helsinki. It felt a bit like summer when I was standing on the platform in bright sunshine.
Mon 04.04.2005 I fixed my mountain bike and went riding it for the first time this spring. Ooooh it was a lot of fun! (Although my back was covered in mud afterwards...)
Fri 01.04.2005 When I'm staying with my grand-aunt, I take the bus from Kamppi to Otaniemi in the morning. On my way to the bus I always pass by the construction site of Kamppi Center.
Thu 31.03.2005 There are two clear sings of spring in Helsinki: you begin to see more and more birds of passage and more more people sitting on the steps of the Cathedral.
Tue 29.03.2005 Easter really seems to have turned winter into spring!
Sat 26.03.2005 This cat seems to love computers. Every time he hears me type on the keyboard, he jumps on the table. Usually he ends up sitting on my hands, on the mouse, or on the keyboard... Tonight I was chatting with my friend Katja, who lives in Lawrence, Kansas. Katja got a full show on the cat through the webcam!
Fri 25.03.2005 Our furry companion seems to be as interested in bird feeding as I am!
Thu 24.03.2005 We are not going anywhere for Easter but we do have one hairy visitor spending Easter at our place! This visitor does not enjoy travelling by car, so he stays with us, when the rest of the family is away. We wouldn't mind having this charming cat around more often. :)
Sun 20.03.2005 Since I moved in most of my toiletries have stayed packed in a case waiting for more space in the bathroom. We bought an extra cabinet already in September, but it has taken us 6 months to actually get it on the wall...
Tue 15.03.2005 My 79-year-old grand-aunt has been enjoying the sunny winter days by skiing on the frozen sea just outside the center of Helsinki. Some people don't care for the newest equipment: her skis are more than 25 years old. :)
Sun 13.03.2005 I can't believe I'm sick again... But I must admit I prefer this regular flu to the stomach flu I had couple of weeks ago. Now I try to take all possible drugs to keep this from getting worse. I couldn't really loose any more time being sick, because I need to finish off the interviews for my master's thesis.
Thu 10.03.2005 The elevator still runs faultlessly. The construction looks a bit funny, though, because the outer structure has later been added on.
Thu 10.03.2005 I once again stayed over at my grand-aunt's in Töölö, Helsinki. An elevator from the 1920's is still in use in the building!
Wed 09.03.2005 Yes, it was one of the most beautiful days of this winter: –10 Celsius degrees and a blue sky, but wind so strong you thought you were going to freeze...
Wed 02.03.2005 "Saturday (Wednesday) night and the Priest is back!!!"
Wed 02.03.2005 Believe it or not, I went to see Judas Priest! The gig was in Hakametsän halli in Tampere. This event was part of the "heavy metal education" Risto-Matti has kindly been offering me for the past couple of years. I actually ended up jumping, shouting and singing like a true fan... Ear plugs were a good idea, by the way. ;)
Mon 28.02.2005 Here in Tampere the lucky schoolkids started their winter holiday today. And what a day to do that: the weather was so bright I should have worn sunglasses. PS. Check out my new "exhibition" in Aukea.net!
Thu 24.02.2005 I had bought the train ticket to my mobile phone and was supposed to leave for Helsinki on Wednesday morning. I felt a bit funny in my stomach when I woke up. Then it got worse and I thought it's better to stay at home. It was the right choice because pretty soon stuff started shooting out from both ends... Fortunately today is much better. And fortunately I have my Riksu taking good care of me. Be aware of the stomach flu!
Sat 19.02.2005 Henna, a friend of mine, was surprised by a bachelorette party in Tampere. One part of the evening we spent at Rajaportin sauna, which is one of the last public saunas in Finland.
Fri 18.02.2005 Went to visit my friend Hanne in Taka-Töölö near by where I used to live.
Fri 18.02.2005 Third day in a row in Otaniemi.
Thu 17.02.2005 I stayed at my aunt's, so I had to take a bus from Helsinki to Riihikallio.
Wed 16.02.2005 I took the metro to Kontula, because I needed to interview somebody for my master's thesis. It was by the way my first time ever in Kontula.
Sun 13.02.2005 We started out the day by playing tennis at 9 o'clock. The best part of the day though was the home-made chicken-zucchini-blue cheese-lasagne. It takes two (and nearly two hours) to make it from scratch, but it sure is worth it!
Thu 10.02.2005 I think I can say that I support public transportation: In the morning I took bus 102 from Kamppi to Otaniemi. In the afternoon I took bus 102 from Otaniemi to Ruoholahti, then metro to Helsinki railway station and then commuter train K to Korso, where I had to go for a master's thesis realated interview. Then from Korso to Kerava I took commuter train K again, then commuter train H to Riihimäki and then finally InterCity2 train 175 to Tampere. That's 7 different vehicles in 1 day!
Wed 09.02.2005 I was walking from Eira to Kamppi and realised for the first time that these two buildings in the crossing of Bulevardi and Fredrikinkatu look like castles.
Tue 08.02.2005 Went to play tennis with Anna to Tampereen tenniskeskus. It was pure pleasure to play with newlystringed rackets. (I left my rackets for stringing on Friday.)
Mon 07.02.2005 We went to visit Riksu's grandma in Pirkkala and also popped by Riksu's parents'. At Helminen's we got to take a sauna, which is luxury for somebody like us, who don't have a sauna at home.
Sat 05.02.2005 My little brother Juho came to visit us from Helsinki.
Wed 02.02.2005 This time in Helsinki I stayed over at my friend Milla's, who lives in Alppila. She had a long day, so I was not going to meet her until at 20.30, and therefore had time to visit another friend (and colleague) Katja in Vartiokylä. Even if I have been using all sorts of public transportation in Helsinki region for many years already, I had never been to Puotila metro station before!
Mon 31.01.2005 I bought a small souvenir from Bonn for our bedroom wall. Today we got it set up.
Sat 29.01.2005 We went to see R.E.M.'s gig at Hartwall-areena in Helsinki. Too bad you are not allowed to take photos on gigs like that, but I can assure you that there was a lot to see and hear. It was one of the best gigs I've ever been to. The last time R.E.M. was in Finland was in 1989. It was worth the wait. :)
Fri 28.01.2005 Riksu took me to Restaurant Näsinneula for a birthday dinner, as he had not been able to do it last week when I was in Madrid. We decided to make it an early dinner, so that we could catch the view over the city before it gets dark. And what a dinner it was! If you want to have a taste of Finland at its finest, this is the place to go to in Tampere. Afterwards we went to see Paha maa which I can recommend as well.
Thu 27.01.2005 I started my regular weekly visits to TKK again. I normally leave for Helsinki on Wednesday morning and come back home on Thursday evening. I have several options to get from Otaniemi to Pasila and then the InterCity train for Tampere. This time I took the bus to Leppävaara station and then the U-train to Pasila.
Mon 24.01.2005 In a light snowfall on Monday morning in Bonn I found my way once again to the bus stop and started my journey back home.
Sun 23.01.2005 In Königswinter I took the Drachenfelsbahn up on the mountain and got to see a pretty good view on Rhein and Bonn. But I was soooo cold after having got used to the warmth of Madrid...
Sun 23.01.2005 I didn't think there was too much to see or do in Bonn on a Sunday, so I took the U-bahn to Königswinter.
Sat 22.01.2005 I had an evening flight back to Köln Bonn Airport.
Sat 22.01.2005 On my last day in Madrid I just walked around in the city once again and inhaled the Madrid air. I could have stayed much longer.
Fri 21.01.2005 Who could not be mesmerised by Toledo? It was magnificent!
Fri 21.01.2005 I took the train to Toledo. Because of the work they were doing on the railroads, passengers had to change to a bus at Algodor station.
Thu 20.01.2005 Every time I walk to my temporary home at Lotta & Teemu's I stare at this huuuuge flag on Plaza Colón.
Thu 20.01.2005 On my birthday I took the train to lovely Alcalá de Henares, the birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes. I kept finding White Storks on many roofs.
Wed 19.01.2005 Drivers are crazy. You need to be careful even when walking on a zebra crossing with a green light... Well at least this Mini will not be bothering anybody for a while.
Wed 19.01.2005 Why all the horses? Here in Madrid you are lucky to find a statue with another theme than horses and riding them. There are horses even on buildings...
Wed 19.01.2005 Dog(-owner)s seem to follow the rules quite carefully here. At least you don't step on it nearly as often as you do in France, for example.
Tue 18.01.2005 I walked around the city the whole day. I sooo love these Latin cultures and from the first moment I was totally fascinated by Madrid.
Tue 18.01.2005 I woke up to see the most beautiful morning. I certainly have been missing the sun, since you don't get to see much of it in Finland in January...
Mon 17.01.2005 I had an afternoon flight to Madrid to visit my friends Lotta & Teemu.
Sun 16.01.2005 We took the train to Cologne and spent the Sunday there.
Sat 15.01.2005 You take pictures of all kinds of interesting things... :)
Sat 15.01.2005 I spent the day walking around Bonn with my friend Kaisa.
Fri 14.01.2005 I had a week of holiday left and decided to spend it on visiting friends in Germany and Spain. Thanks to Germanwings's convenient routes I paid only 170 euros for all 4 flights HELCGNMADCGNHEL! The flight schedule on the other hand was so tight that I decided it's better to stay over in Bonn both ways.
Mon 10.01.2005 I had my second to last(!) exam at TKK today. I was on a busy schedule, so I took the Pendolino train both ways. Unfortunately I didn't get a seat in the direction of travel, so I felt slight nausea... My brother does not believe it is possible to get Pendolino sick, but yes it is, and that's why I try to avoid taking the Pendolino.
Mon 03.01.2005 I later realised that this overexposed picture actually looks like the whole city was on fire!
Mon 03.01.2005 I went for a walk in the evening and ended up seeing Tampere from a new perspective.
Sun 02.01.2005 Riksu and I decided to go see a film ex tempore on Sunday night. We saw Collateral. I had already seen it (Risto-Matti not) but I didn't mind seeing it again, because I really liked it the first time. This time I was able to pay more attention to Michael Mann's magnificent scenery. Pictures like this will really go bad if seen on a small TV screen. I really like many of the Michael Mann films, as you can see on my cinema list.
Sat 01.01.2005 We celebrated the new year 2005 with a few friends at home in Tampere. The festivity ended up a little faint for obvious reasons. Anyway it was nice to be surrounded with close friends when welcoming the new year. I hope the year 2005 will change things for the better.