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Thu 30.12.2004 I had no idea about what had happened when I was taking my happy Boxing Day walk. The past few days have been a blur, with all bad news just getting worse. There are now more than 100 000 people known to have died in the tsunami disaster in Asia. Please help the victims.
Sun 26.12.2004 As I was crossing the Merikoski bridges I was almost blinded by the horizontal sunlight.
Sun 26.12.2004 I went for a one-and-a-half-hour Boxing Day walk before picking up Risto-Matti from the railway station, and caught Oulu just when the sun was up (although "up" is more like horizontal).
Sat 25.12.2004 To take a break from relatives I went to see a late-afternoon movie in the center of Oulu. You could not really tell if it was day or night.
Fri 24.12.2004 This was Mom's and Renne's first Christmas in their new city appartment, and some of the Christmas decoration had gone missing. I made up a pretty sad star-replacement out of silver ribbon...
Thu 23.12.2004 I went to Oulu to spend Christmas with my Mom & Renne (her life-partner). Renne's grand-daughters Iiris and Elle popped by, and had their thoughts already on Christmas Eve and Santa Claus as can be seen from the drawings.
Tue 21.12.2004 It's the shortest day of the year. The sunshine is so horizontal that it does not reach our first-floor windows. (And somewhere there in the bushes is my famous bird feeding appliance.)
Tue 21.12.2004 For some time ago I got a great idea for my bird feeding project from Risto-Matti's mom: She showed me how to make a little canopy for the bird food to keep it dry and to prevent it from wearing off so fast.
But what does Pia the engineer do? After a long analysis of the current state of the bird feeding appliance she decides it is time for some product development. The food adding intervals in mind, she doubles the amount of bird food under the canopy and ends up making the bird feeding system look like ... well ... balls.
(The old version here).
Sun 19.12.2004 It's finally snowing!!! Now we just keep our fingers crossed it stays on the ground until Christmas... You can check out the current snow depth at Finnish Meteorological Institute.
Sun 12.12.2004 What's with the weather?! The snowmen are melting down 4 months in advance.
Thu 09.12.2004 Went to play tennis with my friend Anna. WE WERE ON FIRE...10 years ago when we still played at OVS Tennis club in Oulu!
Mon 06.12.2004 Independence Day
Sun 05.12.2004 Unlike the past two years I will not be spending the holidays with Riksu's family in Pirkkala but with my own in Oulu. Therefore we had a little pre-Christmas dinner at Helminen's together with Riksu's parents, brother and his wife.
Wed 01.12.2004 It's the first day of December! But the weather in Helsinki never fails to disappoint you... Where's the winter gone?
Sat 27.11.2004 There's an endangered species living in my home: a man who likes to bake chocolate cakes on Saturday nights.
I'm not complaining! :D
Wed 24.11.2004 Second shot of the same day, but when I saw those Aalto chairs heading out for some fresh air, I couldn't resist.
Wed 24.11.2004 It was the most beautiful winter morning in Otaniemi! And as I am a big fan of morning sunshine, I had to take a few photos...
Mon 22.11.2004 I started winter feeding the birds outside the bedroom window. My bird-bar seems to be a success!
Sat 20.11.2004 The swimming space of Sorsapuisto pond is getting smaller and smaller every day now that the pond is freezing over.
Fri 19.11.2004 We've got snow!!!
Wed 17.11.2004 Where's the snow?! I am sooo ready for the winter, but all we've got is hoar frost...
I spent the weekend in Oulu and got to see my first snowfall of this season, and now I can't wait for the snow to start falling down the sky of Tampere too.
Thu 11.11.2004 On my way back to Tampere I stayed for 1,5 hours in Hyvinkää and met a friend, who I used to work with at Kone elevators and escalators. My commuting between Helsinki and Hyvinkää lasted from 10/2001 until 9/2003.
Wed 10.11.2004 This time I did not sleep through Pasila like I did last week...
I usually take the InterCity train, although it takes 24 minutes longer, because I feel train sick in the Pendolino.
Mon 08.11.2004 I did some googling and realised that I don't seem to be that special after all. Take a look at these links: P.I.A., PIA, PIA, PIA, PIA, PIA, PIA, PIA, PIA, PIA, PiA, Pia, Pia... :D
Sat 06.11.2004 Went to see my friend Mari for a nice cheese & wine evening and captured her cat coming out of his favourite hideout: a cold sauna.
Fri 05.11.2004 Spent the night at my grand-aunt's in Helsinki and had one of her specialties for breakfast: nettle crepes and lingonberries.
Wed 03.11.2004 Seems like Kerry will not become a president. But at least we got the dining room lighting finally set up...
Mon 01.11.2004 I can't get enough of the autumn colours!
Thu 28.10.2004 It was around 9.30 in the morning. The sun was shining almost horizontally and made everything look golden.
Thu 28.10.2004 I love autumn mornings! Today I felt the frost under my shoes for the first time. (Two pics in honour of the glorious morning.)
Tue 26.10.2004 This small park is just around the corner from my place.
Sat 23.10.2004 We decided to have a party to celebrate my moving in with Risto-Matti. I can now tell it is much nicer to have all your stuff under one roof. No more wrong shoes in the wrong city... ;)
Thu 21.10.2004 This ballpark is also near by. I walk by the pond and the ballpark everytime on my way to the city or to the railway station. (I still spend 1–2 days in Helsinki every week.)
Wed 20.10.2004 Trying out my brand-new Canon IXY500 at Sorsapuisto pond near by where I live! Juho got me this from Japan. :)